White Label Service

Complete Communication Services, Inc. was created to provide a nationwide support offering to the competitive local exchange carrier industry, mulit-location corporations and large end users. Our goal has never been to be on the front line but to be an extension of our customers’ technical support and installation teams. We have built a portfolio of products that are priced fairly and delivered efficiently. Our team of partners and staff exist so that our customers may offer our services under their recognized brands. We have built our life cycle management system in such a way that all documentation lends itself to private branding on behalf our customers. CCS has built a solid reputation for making our team your team. We work diligently for our customers allowing them to expand their product offerings to their customers therefore creating a more robust product and revenue potential.

Project Management

With a nationwide support team, we have become very proficient in multi-location installation and maintenance projects. We have taken seasoned professionals and built a solid team of Project Managers who are responsible for planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals. CCS has built a robust management module within our life cycle management tool that is capable of providing milestone reporting related to performance objectives as agreed and committed through mutually developed methods of procedures. We understand, for our clients, that it is imperative to install services and generate revenue in a timely and efficient manner.

Fulfillment, Forward & Reverse Logistics

CCS operates a secure climate-controlled warehouse that is separated, but connected to our Contact Center and Operations Department.  By keeping everything and everyone together, we are able to efficiently produce a level of service that is second to none. Our team inspects each device received prior to placing these units on our shelves.  As part of the services provided to our customers, the team will pull the needed devices from the shelves, allocate by serial number to the appropriate order requested, insure the proper firmware has been implemented, and then place a configuration to the device when applicable.   Our operating system, Support|Path, is also integrated with FedEx, which allows us to provide our customers with tracking identification instantaneously.  This integration allows CCS to also provide RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) labels for devices to be returned for restock or for warrantied devices to be properly sent to manufacturers for repair.


As the industry continues to advance, so does CCS. Our approach is to stay current with what our customers are offering, and that includes T1 and Hosted VOIP installation as well as DSL and POTS service. Our technicians are skilled, experienced and well-equipped for any installation service our clients offer. 


Our model allows CCS to provide repair services for our clients quickly and efficiently. We work with our clients to set up maintenance expectations where repair service is needed, and because we understand urgency, we offer localized spares inventory and reverse logistics.

Site Surveys

Our Site Survey process focuses on quality and timeliness. This focus is achieved by allowing our technicians to assess a customer’s technology needs and clearly communicate those findings to the client through SupportPath. We tailor the process to our client’s unique requirements, ultimately enabling a positive service installation experience.

Contact Center

At CCS we pride ourselves in dealing with “one-touch contact.” When our customers or our technicians call into our contact center, our goal is to have every concern answered on one phone call, with one representative. Our contact center is staffed with knowledgeable and personable employees who understand that customer service is at the root of every phone call.


SupportPath is our workflow management system, and we use this system to manage your work request for the life of the request. From the moment you submit the information to us, we coordinate the proper qualified resource, scheduling, scope of work & method of procedure, fulfillment of CPE/logistics, arrival/departure, onsite events, documentation and follow-up. After the work is performed, the same system also manages time tracking, materials, invoicing & payment to our technicians as well as all reporting & billing to you. We wrote the entire system in-house and we are constantly evolving as fast as the industry itself. If there’s a reason you need CCS to support you with resources in the field or through logistics, and our system does not currently support that industry, we’ll work with you to ensure that we build new processes and procedures in SupportPath in order to perform your request.  We have ensured extreme levels of detail and accountability at every corner of SupportPath. Whether we’re tracking inventory, managing a multi-site project with a custom method of procedure or performing a campus-sized site survey for a hosted product, SupportPath allows us to document and layer each transaction of information with “who did it, when was it done, why was it done and where was it done” coverage. 

Network Surveys

The industry continues to make strides towards perfecting wireless access technology and the need to access, install and maintain those networks is evolving as well. CCS now offers wireless network assessments nationwide. Our packages include new network plans, both active and passive on-site surveys and spectrum analysis. Each survey type can be tailored to our customer’s specific needs through custom reporting and data collection to best meet our customer’s expectations.

Barry Clements President and CEO

Barry Clements is the President and CEO of CCS. He created the company in 2002 when he saw a unique need in the telecommunications field. Barry has a degree from Auburn University and has 31 years of telecommunications experience, including a tenure at Bellsouth. As President and CEO, Barry works with all departments at CCS to make sure that customer expectation is met, but he also works in new customer acquisition to see how CCS can serve new partners.

Chris Amaro VP of Information Services

Chris Amaro is the Vice President of Information Services for CCS. He’s been with the company since 2003 and he has seen CCS grow and change throughout his time here. He has held roles such as Information Technology Architect, Senior Application Developer, Business Analyst and has 14 years of field experience. Chris is the engineer behind SupportPath, CCS’s premier data web platform. He also has the responsibility of developing reports and measuring data for all aspects of CCS and each of its specific customers and ensuring that CCS is moving forward with our customer’s needs. When not analyzing reports and metrics, Chris can be found with his family enjoying the latest popsicle flavor at a well-known local establishment.

Richie Posey VP of Operations

Richie Posey is CCS’s Vice President of Operations. He began with CCS in October of 2008 and has held multiple leadership rolls throughout his tenure with the company, including Contact Center Manager and Director of Operations. Richie’s current role is multi-faceted as he coordinates various areas of the company, including the call center, warehouse and dispatch team. He also works with the National Account Managers and Sales team to ensure that CCS is meeting the specific needs of each customer. When he’s not spending time with his family or busy here at CCS, he enjoys playing tennis, watching sporting events and looking for healthy alternatives in everyday life.

John Chamblee Director, Project Management

John Chamblee is the Director of Project Management at CCS. He has been in this role with the company since 2014. John has a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the University of Montevallo. As Director of Project Management, John is responsible for all projects and project managers at CCS. When he is not at CCS, John enjoys being with his family in the outdoors or at a sporting event.

Debbie Evans Contact Center Supervisor

Debbie Evans serves CCS in a vital role as the Call Center Supervisor. Debbie came to CCS in 2006 as a Call Center Field Support representative, and she has been providing excellent service to the technicians and customers who reach her phone ever since. Debbie came to CCS after 28 years at Bellsouth, where she was a Service Consultant, a System Designer I, Network Sales Engineer II (certified) and a Collocation Manager, and she knows the telecom industry backwards and forwards. Debbie currently manages the call center team and reviews the processes to ensure that calls are handled efficiently and completely to service the needs of all of our customers. Outside of CCS, Debbie enjoys finding flea market treasures for her grandchildren and spending as much time with them as possible!

Shane Gray Manager of Vendor Relations

Shane Gray is the Manager of Vendor Relations, Acquisitions and Dispatch Supervisor. Shane worked for 8 years as a field service technician before joining CCS in 2009. He previously worked for CCS as a Dispatch and Field Services Specialist and developed relationships with our technicians, providing technical and instructional services. As Manager of Vendor Relations and Acquisitions, Shane’s priority is finding new quality technicians and making sure they are a good fit for our customer’s detailed needs. He also serves as manager of our dispatch team and personally manages specialty dispatches.

Ross Carpri National Account Manager

Ross Carpri currently serves as National Account Manager. He started with the company in the summer of 2013 as project manager after a 33 year tenure at Bellsouth/AT&T. During his time there, he was a technical sales consultant, account manager as well as a service technician. As National Account Manager, Ross acts as the single point of contact between CCS and large authorized accounts and works with internal managers to develop reports, procedures and adopting new processes to better serve our customers. Ross lives in Birmingham with his wife Geri, and they are the parents of two grown children Melissa and Vince. When he’s not busy coordinating the schedules of technicians at CCS, Ross enjoys golfing and is a drummer in a local band.

Katie Smith National Account Manager

Katie Smith currently works with CCS as a National Account Manager. She began working with the company in May of 2010, and she has worked in various aspects of the company including project management, call center representative and maintenance dispatch. She currently works with one of the large authorized accounts to facilitate prompt and timely communication, develop processes and procedures and maintain relationships. She also manages our hosted voice training program and works with CCS’ customers to meet their training needs. Katie lives in Birmingham, Alabama and is a proud graduate of Auburn University. When she’s not cheering on her Tigers, she enjoys weekend traveling and pretending that she enjoys running.